Making an Impact

DKG California 
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California State Organization

 Visual and Performing Arts  

Right to Left: Judy, Cathey, Jeanette

Judy Heimlich

Chapter: Delta Omega

Area: IX


My Roles:


Professional: Special Education Teacher, Program Specialist, Assistant Principal


Chapter: President, Vice President


State: Visual and Performing Arts

Jeanette Milanez                                                                                                        

Chapter: Zeta Omicron          

Area: XV


My Roles:

Professional: Elementary High School Band and Vocal Teacher


Chapter: President; 1st Vice President; Dr. Seuss Chair, Spring Fling, Sister Singers


State: Area XV Director, Visual and Performing Arts

Cathey Ryder                                                                                                             

Chapter: Epsilon Omicron

Area: XIV


My Roles:

Professional: Special Education Teacher, High School English Teacher, Activities Director, Title 1 Coordinator, Mentor Teacher ELD


Chapter: President, Membership Vice President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Ceremonies


State: Area XIV Director, Support Team for Emerging Professionals, Visual and Performing Arts

 Visual and Performing Arts  

  1. Select and coordinate music for A Celebration of Life with the Membership Committee
  2. Plan and coordinate music/arts for the DKG California Convention
  3. Provide workshops to encourage the use of music/arts at Chapter, Area and State functions
  4. Establish and maintain a DKG California music library
  5. Plan music for functions as requested by the DKG CaliforniaState President.