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Support Team for Emerging Professionals (STEP)
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Service to Fellow Educators (i.e. Teachers Helping Another Teacher)

Sara, Christine, Summer, Paula

Paula Aja                                                                                                                   

Chapter: Eta Upsilon

Area: I


My Roles:

Professional: Elementary Teacher, Mentor Teacher


Chapter: President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Secretary, numerous committees


State: Area I Director, Support Team for Emerging Professionals

Dr. Christine Fuller, Chair                                                                                    

Chapter: Gamma Theta



My Roles:

Professional: Elementary to High School Teacher


Chapter: President, Secretary, Treasurer


Area: Treasurer


State: Area XVIII Director, Leadership, Support Team for Emerging Professionals

Sara Hackett                                                                                                              

Chapter: Gamma Omega

Area: IV


My Roles:

Professional: Elementary Teacher


Chapter: Recording Secretary


State: Support Team for Emerging Professionals

Summer Thomas                                           

Chapter: Epsilon Xi

Area: VII


My Roles:

Professional: Junior and High School Activities Director, Volleyball and Swimming Coach


Chapter: Co-president, Secretary


State: Convention Vice Chair, Support Team for Emerging Professionals

Support Team for Emerging Professionals (STEP)

  1. Promote International’s Support Early-Career Educators (S.E.E.) project
  2. Administer the DKG California Teachers Helping Another Teacher [THAT]  program
  3. Administer the Penne Ferrell Fund which promotes literacy
  4. Plan and present professional development
  5. Support Area Directors and chapters in focusing on the needs of emerging professionals
  6. Promote DKG California to potential members by offering support, resources and opportunities for learning