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DKG California 
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  1. Develop plans and projects to assist Chapters in seeking new members, providing orientation, encouraging reorientation and retention, and conducting initiations
  2. Establish ongoing communication with Area Directors, Area Membership Chairmen, Chapter Presidents, and Chapter Membership Chairmen
  3. Present State Workshops and Area/Chapter programs developing an awareness of membership obligations
  4. Administer the Order of the Rose Awards Program as stipulated in the Standing Rules of DKG California, Section 2.10
  5. Encourage the formation of new Chapters
  6. Assist Area Directors in the formation of new Chapters
  7. Direct the local organizer in the procedure of establishing new Chapters
  8. Provide guidance to newly chartered Chapters
  9. Establish ongoing communication with Area Directors and Chapter presidents
  10. Evaluate and make recommendations regarding the effectiveness of the Area structure.
  11. Facilitate Necrology responsibilities which include:

1)     Receive copies of the “Report of a Death of a Member” (Form 6)

2)     Write letters of condolence to families and Chapters of deceased members on behalf of DKG California

3)     Submit names of deceased members to the California Connection

   12. Plan and conduct the annual Celebration of Life ceremony.
   13. Coordinate recognition of members and Chapters observing significant anniversaries.
   14. Plan and coordinate the initiation of DKG California Honorary members who have been previously elected by the DKG California           Executive Board.

Jo Birdsell, Chairman

Chapter: Gamma Omicron   Area:  XVI                                  

Professionally, I am a professor in the Teacher Education Department at National University in San Diego. I teach courses in Equity and Diversity, English Language Development and am the Statewide Coordinator of student teachers throughout the state. At the Chapter level, I will be the President of Gamma Omicron. I held the position a long time ago, when there were many paper forms to complete, but look forward to using more technology in this role. My Chi State involvement includes: I have served as an Area Director, Chair of the Leadership Development Committee and now on Membership. Internationally, I served on one of the committees when the International Conference was in San Diego.
Kathy Morgan

Chapter: Delta Lambda   Area: V                                       


Professionally, I am retired after teaching in elementary school for 34 years, 25 of which were in kindergarten. At the Chapter level, I have been 1st Vice President, President, and a site coordinator for our RIF project. My Chi State involvement includes serving as Area V Secretary, as Area V Director. I have served on the Chi State Scholarships Committee, and most recently on the Chi State Nominations Committee.

Carla Peterson

Chapter: Eta Upsilon            Area: I       


Professionally, I have been a classroom teacher in grades 3 – 12 and administrator at a small Christian school. At the Chapter level I have been Vice President, Co-President and President.  Currently, I am the Communications Committee chairman and member of the Chapter Rules and Membership committees. I have served as Area Treasurer and Program Chair for Area I.  My Chi State experience includes serving as Area I Director and Membership Committee member.  I also served as treasurer for California event at Southwest Regional (Reno).  

Sandy Rushing

Chapter: Beta Phi          Area:    XIV   

Professionally,  I taught  kindergarten for 40 years.  I was a Mentor Teacher of Fine Arts and led many workshops for my school district in visual arts, social studies, and mathematics.  For the Getty Institute of Visual Arts I mentored 20 student teachers and interns. At the chapter level, I have 

served 3 terms as President and 3 terms as Parliamentarian.  I have also been Recording Secretary, Finance Chair, Calling Chair, Nominating Chair, and also worked on the Program of Work, Music, Ceremonial, and Membership committees.  For Chi State, I served as Area Director, 2011-2013 Chi State President, 2009-2011 Chi State Second Vice-President, 2007-2009 Chi State Recording Secretary, 2006 Chi State Convention Chair, 2005 Chi State Convention Display Chair, Chi State Expansion Chair, and was part of the Membership, Personal Growth and Services, and Professional Affairs Committees.  For The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International I served as Tours Chair for the 2006 International Convention.  I also worked on the Guides Committee.  



Dee Simpson 

Chapter: Alpha Pi          Area: XV  


Professionally, I have taught First Grade, Reading Recovery, and Early Literacy.  I also worked as a Title I Resource teacher. At the Chapter level, I have been President, Corresponding Secretary and served on several committees.  At the Area level I served as Recording Secretary.  My Chi State involvement includes serving as Area XV Director and currently serving on the Membership Committee.

Anne Stone

Chapter: Eta Iota      Area: XVI       

Professionally, I have been a 2nd to 6th grade teacher in the Cajon Valley Union School District. At the Chapter level I have been Secretary, 2nd Vice president and President.  At the Area level I have served as Secretary for 6 years and retired to become Area Director.  Also, I have chaired the Hands Across the Border and the annual Spring Event.  Currently, I am involved with Area Membership. My Chi State involvement has also included serving on the Chi State on the Education Law & Policy Committee as the US Forum Representative and the Strategic Action Plan Committee.   

Virginia Williamson

Chapter:  Alpha Omega      Area:   III     

Professionally, I have been a 3rd through 6th grade teacher, Site Coordinator for BTSA Induction, Assistant District Coordinator of BTSA Induction, District Coordinator of BTSA Induction, and I have provided professional development to beginning teachers and support providers.  At the Chapter level, I have served as Chapter Treasurer 2009-2010, and as Chapter President for two biennia, 2010-2014.  My Chi State involvement includes assisting with the 2012 Area III Fall Conference and serving as Area III Director for 2013-2015.