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  1. Develop plans and projects to assist Chapters in seeking new members, providing orientation, encouraging reorientation and retention, and conducting initiations
  2. Establish ongoing communication with Area Directors, Area Membership Chairmen, Chapter Presidents, and Chapter Membership Chairmen
  3. Present State Workshops and Area/Chapter programs developing an awareness of membership obligations
  4. Administer the Order of the Rose Awards Program as stipulated in the Standing Rules of DKG California, Section 2.10
  5. Encourage the formation of new Chapters
  6. Assist Area Directors in the formation of new Chapters
  7. Direct the local organizer in the procedure of establishing new Chapters
  8. Provide guidance to newly chartered Chapters
  9. Establish ongoing communication with Area Directors and Chapter presidents
  10. Evaluate and make recommendations regarding the effectiveness of the Area structure.
  11. Facilitate Necrology responsibilities which include:

1)     Receive copies of the “Report of a Death of a Member” (Form 6)

2)     Write letters of condolence to families and Chapters of deceased members on behalf of DKG California

3)     Submit names of deceased members to the California Connection

   12. Plan and conduct the annual Celebration of Life ceremony.
   13. Coordinate recognition of members and Chapters observing significant anniversaries.
   14. Plan and coordinate the initiation of DKG California Honorary members who have been previously elected by the DKG California           Executive Board.