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Pictured Left to Right: Karen, Marlene, Veronica, Barbara

Karen Akana

Chapter: Delta Omega

Area: IX


My Roles:

Professional: K-8 Parochial School, LAUSD - Elementary Special Education Teacher, Program Specialist, Administrative Assistant Special Education High School, Assistant Principal Elementary Instructional Specialist


Chapter: President, Vice President, T.H.A.T., LIFE, Communications- Yearbook


State: Area IX Director, Leadership Development

Barbara Eisele                                                                                               

Chapter: Eta Iota

Area: XVI


My Roles:

Professional: Elementary Teacher


Chapter: President, Vice President


State: Area XVI Director, Leadership Development

Veronica Thomas

Chapter: Epsilon Xi

Area: VII


My Roles:

Professional: Junior High School Teacher


Chapter: President, Vice President, various committees


State: Area VII Director, Local Arrangements Chair, Leadership Development

Marlene Daniels, Chair

Chapter: Eta

Area: XII


My Roles:

Professional: Teacher of the Deaf, Program Specialist, College Lecturer and Field Work Supervisor


Chapter: President and all elected positions, member and chair of many committees


State: Area XII Director, Nominations, Membership, Second Vice President and Area Director Coordinator


International:  International Floor Page                                                                     

Leadership Development

  1. Plan and implement leadership development programs for state and Chapter officers and committee chairmen, with approval of the DKG California Executive Committee
  2. Plan and implement leadership activities for the general membership, with the approval of the DKG California Executive Committee.