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  1. Consist of the DKG California President, First Vice-President, Immediate Past DKG California President, two (2) members-at-large, one appointed each biennium, for a  term of  four (4) years, a Budget Coordinator appointed for a term of two (2) years, and the DKG California Treasurer, who shall be an ex-officio member, with vote, unless under remunerative contract for her services
  2. Be augmented by financial advisor(s), as needed
  3. c.      Be guided by the current edition of the Manual of Financial Policies and Procedures for Chi State
  4. Supervise all expenditures and the investment of DKG California funds
  5. Prepare the budget for presentation to the DKG California Executive Board for review, modification, and adoption
  6. Approve budget requests for the preparation of the budget
  7. Supervise all expenditures from the Permanent Fund
  8. Supervise activities of the Financial Development Committee and the expenditures of the Financial Development Fund
  9. Provide for an annual audit
  10. Establish a mileage allowance in accordance with the DKG California Reimbursement Policy
  11. Hold at least four (4) meetings annually
  12. Perform other duties as shall be determined by the DKG California Executive Board and/or the DKG California Executive Committee
  13. Recommend to the DKG CaliforniaExecutive Committee the replacement, upgrading or purchase of office equipment for the DKG California Education Center
  14. Administer the Educational Outreach Fund as stipulated in the Standing Rules of DKG California, Section10.2.
  15. Directs the generation and use of all non-dues revenue.