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  1. Consist of the DKG California President, First Vice-President, Immediate Past DKG California President, two (2) members-at-large, one appointed each biennium, for a  term of  four (4) years, a Budget Coordinator appointed for a term of two (2) years, and the DKG California Treasurer, who shall be an ex-officio member, with vote, unless under remunerative contract for her services
  2. Be augmented by financial advisor(s), as needed
  3. c.      Be guided by the current edition of the Manual of Financial Policies and Procedures for Chi State
  4. Supervise all expenditures and the investment of DKG California funds
  5. Prepare the budget for presentation to the DKG California Executive Board for review, modification, and adoption
  6. Approve budget requests for the preparation of the budget
  7. Supervise all expenditures from the Permanent Fund
  8. Supervise activities of the Financial Development Committee and the expenditures of the Financial Development Fund
  9. Provide for an annual audit
  10. Establish a mileage allowance in accordance with the DKG California Reimbursement Policy
  11. Hold at least four (4) meetings annually
  12. Perform other duties as shall be determined by the DKG California Executive Board and/or the DKG California Executive Committee
  13. Recommend to the DKG CaliforniaExecutive Committee the replacement, upgrading or purchase of office equipment for the DKG California Education Center
  14. Administer the Educational Outreach Fund as stipulated in the Standing Rules of DKG California, Section10.2.
  15. Directs the generation and use of all non-dues revenue.

Member Resources

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Ellen Owens, Chairman (Member-at-Large 2013-2017)
Contact e-mail:

Chapter: Delta Mu         Area:    XVIII       


Professionally, I served in the following positions: Multi-aged Primary Classroom Teacher, Pre-K - Grade 6 Bilingual Teacher, Ethnic Studies Coordinator, Teacher Adviser, and Assistant Principal.  At the Chapter level, I served as President, First Vice President, Chairman and member of various committees. My Chi State involvement includes Area XI Director, State Recording Secretary, First Vice President, Budget Coordinator, Chairman and member of several committees. I served at Southwest Regional Conferences as: conference registrar, workshop presenter, Inspirational presenter and program book committee member. I served DKG International on International convention committees and as a member of the World Fellowship Committee. 
Janis Barr, State President

Chapter: Zeta Iota        Area: I         


Professionally, I have taught 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th grades. I was an Instructional Media Center Coordinator and a Title I Resource Teacher. During my last 13 years in education, I became an Administrative Assistant/Counselor and Elementary Principal. At the Chapter level, I was Treasurer and President of Iota Lambda, now Epsilon Psi in Area XVII. After transferring to Area I, I served as Vice President and President of Zeta Iota. My Chi State involvement includes serving as the Area XVII Director, a member and chairman of the Communications Committee, Chairman of the Bylaws Committee, Chi State Recording Secretary, and Chi State Second Vice President /Area Director Coordinator.


Daphne Cagle, First Vice President

Chapter:  Alpha Eta                  Area: VI                       


Professionally, I served as a Speech and Language Specialist and a BTSA Support Provider inSacramento and retired June 2012.  I previously taught a Communicatively Handicapped/Special Day Class. In my Chapter, I have been 1st and 2nd Vice President and Chapter President (twice).  For ChiState, I have served on the Leadership Development Committee, as Area VI Director, as 2011 Sacramento Local Arrangements Co-Chair, and on the Educational Law/Policy Committee. I have served on the Executive Committee as Corresponding Secretary. In 2012, I attended the Leadership Management Seminar in AustinTexas.  



Marylu Mesa, Treasurer

Chapter: Theta Pi           Area: V 

My career spanned 40 years as a Spanish, Bilingual Education and ESL teacher at the secondary and community college levels.  I have served my Chapter as President, Second Vice-President and Treasurer.  At the Area level, I have served four terms as Area Treasurer.  At the Chi State level, I was part of the Leadership Development Committee for four years, and I am now Chi State Treasurer.

Judy Kearns, Immediate Past President

Chapter: Alpha Upsilon               Area: XIII                                              


Professionally, I taught grades 2-7 and at the university level.  I served as a district level administrator in charge of categorical programs, BTSA, testing, and community services. At the Chapter level in DKG, I have been President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and (currently) Newsletter Editor. Chi State involvement includes serving as Area XIII Director, member of Financial Development, Personal Growth and Services, and Finance committees and a member of the Executive Committee in the capacities of Parliamentarian, Corresponding Secretary, First Vice President, and President. At the International level, I have been property room chairman for the 2006 convention and a member of the Ad Hoc Committee to study electronic elections.   


Eileen Motzkin,  Budget Coordinator

Chapter: Epsilon Kappa     Area: IX                                              

Professionally, I worked 31 years as an art teacher with students in grades 7-12.  I taught jewelry, drawing, design crafts and ceramics and served as the Art Department Chairman. At the Chapter level, I served 3 times as President.  In addition, I have been Chapter 1st Vice President and Treasurer.  I have served as the Communications Coordinator and Treasurer for Area IX. My Chi State involvement includes Area IX Director from 2003-2005, Leadership Development Committee from 2005-2007, Chi State Convention Treasurer 2013 and Chi State Visual and Performing Arts Chairman 2013-2015.  I have been featured on the International On Line Art Gallery for the last two years.

Claudette Bowie, (Member-at-Large 2015-2019)   

Chapter: Alpha Chi          Area: XII                                               


Professionally, I have been a primary classroom teacher with a Language Development Specialist Credential.  I taught for the Los Angeles Archdiocese for five years and the Paramount Unified School District for thirty plus years. At the Chapter level, I have served as Chapter treasurer and Chapter president. My Chi State involvement includes serving as Area XII Treasurer for the past two years and being a newly appointed Member-At-Large Chi State Finance Committee.