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Julie Drysdale, President                   

Chapter: Eta

Area: XII

My Roles

Professional: Elementary Teacher and Principal

Chapter: President, Corresponding Secretary, Newsletter Editor

State: Area XII Director, Local Arrangement Chair, Research, Communications, Corresponding Secretary, 1st and  2nd Vice President

International: Educational Excellence 

Sue Noyes, First Vice President        

Chapter: Iota Sigma

Area: II

My Roles

Professional: High School Teacher and Coach

Chapter: President, 1st Vice President, Secretary

State: Area I Director, Personal Growth and Services, Membership, Leadership Development,                   Research, Nominations, and Executive, Corresponding and Recording Secretaries

Toni Cook, Second Vice President, and Area Director Coordinator

Chapter: Gamma Psi

Area: IV

My Roles

Professional: Teacher K-8, District Coordinator State and Federal Projects, Principal

Chapter: President, Vice President, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor

State: Area IV Director, Convention Local Arrangements Co-Chair, Leadership Development, Nominations, Communication, DKG California Highlights Editor, Executive Secretary

International: Leadership Management Seminar

Kathlan Latimer, Recording Secretary                                  

Chapter: Delta Xi

Area: VI

My Roles

Professional: Elementary Teacher, Math Strategy Coach, College Lecturer  

Chapter: President, Co-President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Corresponding Secretary

State: Area VI Director, Leadership Development, Convention Registrar

Bette Caldwell, Corresponding Secretary     

Chapter: Lambda

Area: XI

My Roles

Professional: Teacher, Counselor, Dean of Students, Administrator

Chapter: Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

State: Area XI Director, Chi State News Editor, Communications and Marketing

International: Communications, Leadership Management Seminar

Kathy   O'Leary, Executive Secretary                                                

Chapter: Beta Delta

Area: X

My Roles

Professional: 4-8th Teacher, Mentor Teacher

Chapter: Chapter President, Vice President Program and Membership, Recording Secretary, Parliamentarian, newsletter editor

State: Area X Director, Executive and Corresponding Secretary, Parliamentarian, Communications, Nominations, Bylaws, Planning and Procedures

International: 2006 International Convention Steering Committee

Ellen Owens, State Treasurer                                               

Chapter: Delta Mu


My Roles

Professional: Elementary Bilingual Teacher

Chapter: Educational Excellence, Global Awareness

State: Finance

Stacey Chicoine, Parliamentarian                                                                             

Chapter: Eta Zeta

Area: VII

My Roles

Professional: Elementary and Middle School Teacher, Teacher Induction Support Provider, Assistant Principal

Chapter: President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter and Webmaster

Area: Communications Webmaster

State: Area VII Director, Local Arrangement Chair, Communications and Marketing, Webmaster

International: Leadership Management Seminar, Communications and Publicity

Janis Barr, Past President     

Chapter: Zeta Iota

Area: I

My Roles:

Professional: Elementary and Middle School Teacher, Title 1 Resource Teacher, Media Teacher and Technology Trainer, Adult Education, Administrative Assistant, Principal

Chapter: President, Treasurer, Finance,

Area: Leadership, Conference Committee and Registration

State: Area XVII Director, President, 2nd Vice President and Area Director Coordinator, Recording Secretary, Bylaws, Communications

Left to Right: Kathy O'Leary, Stacey Chicoine, Janis Barr, Julie Drysdale, Ellen Owens, Sue Noyes, Kathlan Latimer, Toni Cook (Bette Caldwell not pictured)

Executive Committee 


• Consists of elected officers and the Immediate Past DKG CaliforniaPresident

• Treasurer and Parliamentarian are ex-officio members

• Conducts business delegated to it by the Executive Board

• Takes action on matters requiring immediate decisions