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Chi State Executive Committee 2015-2017

Chi State Executive Committee 


• Consists of elected officers and the Immediate Past DKG CaliforniaPresident

• Treasurer and Parliamentarian are ex-officio members

• Conducts business delegated to it by the Executive Board

• Takes action on matters requiring immediate decisions

Installed  DKG California Officers for the 2017-2018 Biennium 
Assuming Office as of July 1st

Julie Drysdale - President -
Sue Noyes - First Vice-President -
Toni Cook - Second Vice-President -
Kathlan Latimer - Recording Secretary -
Bette Caldwell - Corresponding Secretary -
Ellen Owens - Treasurer -
Stacey Chicoine - Parliamentarian -
Kathy O'Leary - Executive Secretary -
Janis Barr - Immediate Past President -
Top Row Left to Right: Stacey Chicoine, Janis Barr, Ellen Owens, Kathy O'Leary
Bottom Row Left to Right: Kathlan Latimer, Sue Noyes, Julie Drysdale, Toni Cook, Bette Caldwell
DKG California Convention Keynote Speaker 
May 4-6, 2018 Irvine

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DKG California Leadership 
Chapter Visitation Form 2017-2019

2015 - 2017 BIENNIUM THEME:   

Building Your Voice With DKG 

DKG California Vision:
DKG California - Educational - Professional - 
Making an Impact

President, Janis Barr  
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Chapter: Zeta Iota        Area: I         


Professionally, I have taught 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th grades. I was an Instructional Media Center Coordinator and a Title I Resource Teacher. During my last 13 years in education, I became an Administrative Assistant/Counselor and Elementary Principal. At the Chapter level, I was Treasurer and President of Iota Lambda, now Epsilon Psi in Area XVII. After transferring to Area I, I served as Vice President and President of Zeta Iota. My Chi State involvement includes serving as the Area XVII Director, a member and chairman of the Communications Committee, Chairman of the Bylaws Committee, Chi State Recording Secretary, and Chi State Second Vice President /Area Director Coordinator.

First Vice President, Daphne Cagle 
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Chapter:  Alpha Eta                  Area: VI                       


Professionally, I served as a Speech and Language Specialist and a BTSA Support Provider in Sacramento and retired June 2012.  I previously taught a Communicatively Handicapped/Special Day Class. In my Chapter, I have been 1st and 2nd Vice President and Chapter President (twice).  For Chi State, I have served on the Leadership Development Committee, as Area VI Director, as 2011 Sacramento Local Arrangements Co-Chair, and on the Educational Law/Policy Committee. I have served on the Executive Committee as Corresponding Secretary. In 2012, I attended the Leadership Management Seminar in Austin, Texas.  

Second Vice President & Area Director Coordinator 
Marlene Daniels
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Chapter: Eta        Area: XII


Professionally, I retired in May 2015 from  CSU Long Beach after 13 years as a part-time lecturer and Field Work Supervisor. I was initiated into Delta Kappa Gamma in 1978. I have chaired and served on all Chapter committees, served as Chapter Vice President (2 times) and Chapter President. My Chi State involvement has included serving as Area XII Director, Chi State Ceremonials Chairman, member of the Nominations Committee and Membership Committee. I have served on the Arrangements Committee for two Chi State Conventions.I received the Chi State Distinguished Service Award 2014 For DKG International, I have helped arrange and plan the Chi State Events for two Southwest Regional Conferences.

Recording Secretary, Sue Noyes
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Chapter: Iota Sigma       Area: II     

Professionally,  I was a secondary teacher for 36 years, working as a physical education teacher and coach for 30 years, followed by 6 years in the high school independent study program.  As a member in Area I, I served as a Chapter Recording Secretary, Vice President, and Chapter President before being selected as Area I Director.  After

moving to Area II, I have served as 1st Vice President and Chapter President.  My Chi State involvement includes being a member of the Chi State Leadership team as a member of several committees as well as serving as chairman of the Nominations committee and as Chi State Executive Secretary.

Corresponding Secretary, Janice Michaelson
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Chapter: Omicron                 Area: XIII                                                                                                                                                 

Professionally, I have taught computer software (mostly Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint) at law firms for 20 years. I taught grades 1st through 5th for 10 years previously.  At the Chapter level, I have been Chapter President (twice), 2nd Vice President, Newsletter Editor, Chapter Ceremonies, and Yearbook Chairman. Currently I serve on the Global Awareness Committee.  My Chi State involvement includes serving as the Area XI Director and Secretary.  I served as a member of the Chi State Communications Committee for two years and as the Chairman of the Chi State Communications/Marketing Committee for six years.  I feel privileged to have been a part of our new and improved website, the new masthead for the Chi State News and editing/organizing/assembling the Chi State Convention Book.

Treasurer, Marylu Mesa

Chapter: Theta Pi           Area: V                                    

Professionally, I worked at the high school and community college level for 38 years, mostly in Bilingual Education and ESL.  I was fortunate to start my teaching career in a full-fledged bilingual-bicultural program.  Not only did we offer our students instruction in ESL and Spanish language and literature, we also taught all freshman and sophomore requirements in Spanish so our students would have the necessary requirements to graduate in four years.  The last 18 years of my teaching career, I taught ESL at the community college level to students of varying languages and cultures. At the Chapter level, I served as President 3 times, Treasurer multiple times, and Second VP.  I served as Area V Treasurer 4 times.  I served on the Chi State Leadership Development committee for two biennia, and I am currently serving my second term as Chi State Treasurer.

Parliamentarian, Patti LeBlanc
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Chapter: Iota Xi        Area:  XV

Professionally, I have taught for 19 years including 1st through 6th grades and been an elementary school administrator for 14 years.  At the chapter level,  I have been parliamentarian, treasurer, corresponding and recording secretary, 1st vice president as well as chapter president.  My Chi State involvement includes serving as the Area XV director, Leadership Development Committee, Nominations Committee and Nominations Chairperson.   



Executive Secretary, Toni Cook
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Chapter: Gamma Psi           Area: IV           State:  


Professionally, I have been a middle school principal, district coordinator of special projects and K-8 teacher. At the chapter level, I am currently vice-president and newsletter editor and web-master. I have held several other offices, including president. My Chi State involvement includes Marketing/Public Relations person, nominations committee, leadership development committee, convention local arrangements co-chair, and I have served on several other committees. 
Immediate Past President, Judy Kearns
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Chapter: Alpha Upsilon               Area: XIII                                              


Professionally, I taught grades 2-7 and at the university level.  I served as a district level administrator in charge of categorical programs, BTSA, testing, and community services. At the Chapter level in DKG, I have been President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and (currently) Newsletter Editor. Chi State involvement includes serving as Area XIII Director, member of Financial Development, Personal Growth and Services, and Finance committees and a member of the Executive Committee in the capacities of Parliamentarian, Corresponding Secretary, First Vice President, and President. At the International level, I have been property room chairman for the 2006 convention and a member of the Ad Hoc Committee to study electronic elections.