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Educational Law/Policy

Educational Law/Policy

  1. Include one member who shall be designated by the DKG CaliforniaPresident as the Legislative Coordinator
  2. Conduct Legislative Study Sessions in Sacramento to help members gain a  better understanding of the legislative process
  3. Participate in the selection of a DKG California Legislative Consultant/Advocate
  4. Participate in appropriate organizations which support the purposes of the Society
  5. Provide training in legislation through Area Legislative Chairmen
  6. Communicate with Chapters about urgent legislation through the Area Legislative Chairmen
  7. Administer the Bill Evaluator Program as an avenue for initiating and supporting the DKG California Legislative platform 
  8. Administer the “Adopt-a-Legislator”/Communication Artery between Representatives and Educators (C.A.R.E.) information/action network

Martha Zaragoza~Diaz, Legislative Advocate

Professionally, I am a lobbyist and owner of Zaragoza Diaz & Associates, a government relations firm in Sacramento California. I have thirty years of experience in government relations, public policy development, leadership training and organizational development. I represent the interests of several statewide education organizations, including Delta Kappa Gamma Chi State, in the California Legislature and before state agencies involved in public education. Currently, I have served as Legislative Analyst since 2003.