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Education Center Management

The DKG CaliforniaEducation Center Management Committee shall
 a.  Be composed of:
  1. Four (4) Members-at-large, each to serve a four (4) year term, two (2) being appointed in alternate biennia. One of these members shall serve as the personnel representative each biennium; this member shall serve as the intermediary for the employees of DKG California

  2. Two members shall serve for a term of two years.  One of these two members shall serve as the Archives and Information Librarian; one of these two members shall serve as the representative to the Board of Directors of the Executive Guild Campus Common Owners’ Association.

  3. The DKG California President shall serve in an ex-officio capacity.

  4. Consultant(s) will be appointed as necessary.

b. Serve as intermediary for the employees of DKG California
c. Promote the educational services and use of the DKG CaliforniaEducation Center
d. Preserve the history of DKG California
e. Provide for the operation and maintenance of the facility
f.  Arrange for the interior decoration of the Center and the purchase, replacement and disposal of furnishings
g. Recommend policies regarding the  DKG California Education Center to the  DKG California Executive Committee
h. Store, maintain and inventory ceremonial paraphernalia
Letty Yamada, Chairman (2013-2017)  
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Chapter:  Gamma Omega          Area:    IV       


I have taught grades 3rd through 6th in Santa Clara.  My student teaching was in an American school in Mexico. I also taught in a DOD school in Japan. At the Chapter level I have served in all offices. My Chi State involvement includes being an Area Director in 1996.  I have served on the Executive Committee as Corresponding Secretary (Area Director Coordinator) and Vice President (Program of Work).  Currently, I chair the Education Center Management Committee. I have attended many Southwest Regional Conferences and International Conventions.

Dorothy Baciocco (2015-2019)

Chapter: Epsilon Zeta             Area: I            

Professionally, I have been a K-5 classroom, 6-8 computer teacher and administrator of a K-8 alternative school in Sausalito. At the Chapter level, I have served in all offices. I am currently Parliamentarian and Past President. I also, served as Chairman and Secretary of the Quad Chapter Coordinating Council. My Chi State involvement includes serving on Chi State Convention Arrangements Committees and Treasurer for Area IV.

Margaret Cook, Guild Representative

In May 2000, I was granted Honorary Membership in DKG.  Prior to that, I was employed (15 years) as Secretary/Receptionist in the Chi State Office.  In 2001, (Lorraine Sawyer's biennium), I began my service on the Education Center Management Committee and will continue this biennium. 

Kathy Retzloff (2015-2019)

Chapter: Iota Sigma         Area:  II

Professionally, I worked as an elementary teacher in grades two and three at Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Gridley.  I was a Student Study Team member and was involved with planning and implementation for many years.  At the Chapter level, I was a charter member of Iota Sigma and have served on numerous committees, including 15 years as historian and 10 years chairing the Jared Box project.  Currently I am serving a second term as Chapter President. For Chi State I have served as Area II Director, the 2000 Chi State Convention Local Arrangements Chair, Bylaws, Scholarship, Nominations, and Chi State Parliamentarian.

Kathy Simpson (2013-2017)

Chapter: Beta Alpha       Area: II 


Professionally, I was a Special Education teacher for 36 years. I taught Severely Handicapped, Learning Handicapped, and Resource and retired in 2008. At the Chapter level, I have served as President, First and Second Vice President, and Recording Secretary. My Chi State involvement includes serving on the 2010 Chi State Convention Committee as Recording Secretary, and Area II Director 2011-2013.
Mary Lou Willett, Archives and Librarian

Chapter:  Iota Gamma    Area:  VI                                                                                        

Professionally, I have taught 1st through 4th grades; Media Production at Sacramento City College; and Summer Courses in Curriculum and Library Usage at CSUS.  I have served as Elementary Librarian; and Coordinator, Instructional Materials Services. I performed Consultant Services for the State Department of Education.  At the Chapter level, I have served as President whenever the Chapter has had the need.  My Chi State involvement includes serving as Area Director, on the Communication and Nominations Committees, and the committees to establish, develop, and promote the Library at the Chi State Education Center since 1983.  Currently my title is Archivist/ Librarian.  I have served DKG International 4 years as member and chair of the Educators Book Award Committee and 4 years as member of the Editorial Board of the Bulletin.
Janis Barr, State President (ex officio)

Chapter: Zeta Iota        Area: I         


Professionally, I have taught 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th grades. I was an Instructional Media Center Coordinator and a Title I Resource Teacher. During my last 13 years in education, I became an Administrative Assistant/Counselor and Elementary Principal. At the Chapter level, I was Treasurer and President of Iota Lambda, now Epsilon Psi in Area XVII. After transferring to Area I, I served as Vice President and President of Zeta Iota. My Chi State involvement includes serving as the Area XVII Director, a member and chairman of the Communications Committee, Chairman of the Bylaws Committee, Chi State Recording Secretary, and Chi State Second Vice President /Area Director Coordinator.