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Convention Arrangements

  1. Each year the DKG California President shall appoint a Chi State Convention Arrangements Chairman, who will serve a three year term to include the year preceding and the year following her designated convention
  2. The current DKG California Convention Arrangements Chairman shall appoint the members of the local committee in consultation with the DKG California President.
  3. The local committee shall:
                   a.     Assume responsibility for all hotel arrangements, program facilitation, and specific local arrangements
                   b.     Work under the direction of the DKG California Convention Arrangements Chairman, who will coordinate all local 
                           arrangements with the DKG CaliforniaPresident and Chi State Program Chairman
                   c.     Follow procedures in the Convention Guidelines Handbook for the Convention Arrangements Committee.
Brenda Morton, Convention 2017

Chapter: Chi      Area:XI       

Professionally, I have been a high school English as a second language teacher, bilingual coordinator, instructional adviser, assistant principal, and principal with the Los Angeles Unified School District. At the Chapter level, I have served as second vice president and president. My Chi State involvement includes being Area XI Director during the 2013-2015 biennium and chairman of the Chi State Convention in 2017.

Diane Evans, Convention 2018
Chapter: Beta Phi  Area: XIV
Professionally, I taught elementary school for 33 years in grades K, 1, 3 & 4. I was a Reading Recovery Teacher, Literacy Coach, Mentor Teacher, and PAR Support Provider. At the chapter level, I have served as President, Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and am currently Chapter Treasurer. My DKG California involvement includes serving as Area XIV Director (2011-13) and currently serve as Area XIV Recording Secretary. I have served on DKG California Convention Arrangements Committees twice.
Veronica Thomas, Convention 2016

Chapter: Epsilon Xi         Area: VII                       

Professionally, I taught middle school students in SelmaUnified for 36 years. At the Chapter level, I have served as Vice President and President; I am currently Chapter President. My Chi State involvement includes currently serving as Area VII Director. I am a past Chi StateScholarship recipient.