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DKG California 
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  1. Include a chairman and the Editor of the California Connections, who have experience and skill in writing, preparing copy, editing, lay-out, and printing
  2. Follow guidelines and policies of the International Communications Committee
  3. Review all printed materials bearing the name of the Society as requested by the DKG California President
  4. Prepare guidelines, materials, and suggested projects for effective state, area and Chapter communication
  5. Serve in an advisory position to state committees in reviewing printed materials to be submitted for publication, such as:  handbooks, brochures, procedures, etc.
  6. Develop procedures for the publication of the state newsletter California Connections.
  7. Encourage communications with other constituents.
  8. One member shall act as the webmaster for the DKG Californiawebsite.
  9. One member shall act as the marketing liaison between DKG California and Chapters.

Bette Caldwell, Chairman          
Contact e-mail:

Chapter:  Lambda   Area: XI


Professionally, I have taught junior high English, Remedial Reading, and Journalism. I have also been a Head Counselor and am currently an Assistant Principal, Counseling Services, at San Pedro High School. At the Chapter level, I have held every office, including President for three biennia.  My Chi State involvement includes Area XI Director (1981-1983) and I have been on the Communications Committee since 1983, serving as Editor of Chi State News. I served on the International Communications Committee and was selected to participate in the Leadership/Management Seminar in 1984.

Julie Drysdale, Chi State News Editor

Chapter: Eta      Area: XII                


Professionally, I have served the students in the Long Beach School District as an elementary school teacher and principal. At the Chapter level, I have held the positions of Newsletter Editor, Corresponding Secretary, and President.  My service to Chi State includes: Area XII Director, 2005 Local Arrangements Chairman, Research Committee member and chairman, Communications member and chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Second Vice President, and First Vice President. For DKG International I have served as a member of the International Educational Excellence Committee.

Stacey Chicoine, Webmaster
Chapter: Eta Zeta     Area:  VII

Professionally, I have been a 4th through 8th grade teacher and am currently an Elementary Assistant Principal. At the Chapter level, I have been 1st and 2nd Vice President as well as Chapter President.  Currently I serve as Chapter Webmaster, and Treasurer.  My Chi State involvement includes serving as the Area VII Director and the 2010 Fresno Convention Arrangements Chair.  I have served as the Chi State Webmaster since 2010.For DKG International,  I was selected to participate in the Leadership/Management Seminar in 2010 and am currently a member of the 2014-2016 Communications and Publicity Committee.
Linda Norman

Chapter:  Gamma Zeta        Area:  XII                                        


Professionally, I taught choral/vocal music for 34 years.  I taught classroom music, choirs, and Music Appreciation at Elementary through Community College levels. I also advised the Yearbook for nine years    At the Chapter level, I have served as President [twice] and secretary [twice]  My Chi State involvement includes serving as Area XII conference chair, and on the Visual and Performing Arts committee in 2013-15, where I coordinated the music at the Leadership Planning Sessions and Conventions, and conducted the Chi State Choir.

Marilyn Reid

Chapter:  Zeta Beta               Area III    


Professionally, I taught K-8/combo classes for 37 years. I have been a district and school-based mentor.  I taught TRIBES all over CA for Center Source based in Sausalito.  At the Chapter level, I have been Chapter President for a total of twelve years, VP for Program, Recording Secretary, and LIFE and Legislative Representative; currently I am Zeta Beta Chapter's "Communications" Chair. I currently serve as Area III's  LIFE/World Fellowship Chair. My Chi State involvement includes working on the 2007 Chi Stater Convention, being Area III Director 2011-2013, and a member of the Awards and Recognitions Committee 2014-2015.

Antoinette (Toni) Schlobohm

Chapter: Zeta Alpha   Area: IV                                       

Professionally, I’ve taught 6th for the past 10 years and served nearly 8 years on the district’s Technology Advisory Committee. I’m very involved in NSTA: 2011 Annual Conference Field Trips Coordinator, Registration Team for regional/national conferences since 2011, currently serving on NSTA’s International Advisory Board and Conference Planning Committee. At the Chapter level, I served as 2nd VP; now serving as Chapter President; & Tech Team volunteer for the 2014 & 2015 Chi State Conventions.

Merrily Spaziano

Chapter: Beta Omicron   Area: XII       


Professionally, I taught 38 years in 4th ,5th ,and mostly 6th grade. I served as Grade Level Chairman, Head Teacher, Technology Facilitator, BEA Treasurer, Elementary Director, Building Rep. At the Chapter level,  I have been Chapter President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Chairman of a Swap Meet and Newsletter Editor.  My Chi State involvement includes serving as Area XII Area Director, Recording Secretary, Scholarship Chairman, Membership Chairman.  I also was the co-chairman of the Los Angeles Convention and have served on several state arrangements committees. I have also served on the Chi State Communications Committee. For DKG International I was on the planning committee for the 2006 Convention.