Making an Impact

DKG California 
Educational - Professional - Making an Impact

California State Organization


Left to Right Sandy, Olithia, Heidi, DeLaine, Janice

Heidi Chadwick                      

Chapter: Zeta Psi

Area: IV


My Roles:

Professional: Teacher and Administrator


Chapter: President and all offices


State: Area IV Director, President, 1st Vice President, Nominations


International: South West Regional Director, Ad Hoc Committee for Constitution, Leadership Development

Janice  Michaelson

Chapter: Omicron

Area: XIII


My Roles:

Professional: Elementary Teacher, Technical Trainer (Software)  


Chapter: President, Vice President Membership and Program, Bylaws, Finance, Scholarship, Communications


Area: Secretary


State: Area XI Director, Communications and Marketing, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary, Nominations

Olithia  O'Toole                                                                                                           

Chapter: Theta Psi

Area: III


My Roles:

Professional: Computer Teacher and Coach, Title 1 Technology Computer Coach


Chapter: President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Chapter Rules, Communications


State: Area III Director, Research, Educational Law and Policy, Nominations

Sandy  Rushing                                                                                                          

Chapter: Beta Phi

Area: XIV

My Roles:

Professional: Elementary Teacher, Mentor Teacher of Fine Arts


Chapter: President and elected offices


State: Area XIV Director, President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Convention Arrangements Chair, Membership Expansion, Personal Growth and Services, and Professional Affairs, Nominations


International: 2006 International Convention, Guides Committee

DeLaine Wallace, Chair                                                                                             

Chapter: Iota Xi

Area: XV


My Roles:

Professional: Elementary Teacher, Music Teacher,  BTSA provider, After School Program Coorinator


Chapter: President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Program and Legislation


Area: Program


State: Area XV Director, Music and Ceremonies, Educational Law and Policy, Nominations


International: 2006 International Convention


  1. Consist of five (5) members elected by the DKG California Convention
  2. Perform the duties as stipulated in the Bylaws of DKG California, Article VI, Section C
  3. Provide guidance and assistance for Chapter nominations committees.
  4. One member of the Committee shall continue as chairman for the next biennium.
  5. Plan and coordinate, with the Executive Committee, the installation of incoming officers