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Speeches and Quotes from State Leaders
Presented by the Education Center Management Committee from our State Archives
These words of our own State leaders are reminders of all that DKG stands for starting with its Mission Statement and Seven Purposes.  

Use these words to educate, encourage, and enlighten our members about WHY they chose to become a part of Delta Kappa Gamma. 

The Ed Center Management Committee is sharing these words with you so you may use them with your Areas and Chapters.

Collection of 261 speeches from state leaders. Download this eBook and be inspired.

“To us falls the torch of leadership.”  Ola B. Hiller, Convention Banquet 1960.


“The basis for achievement in nurturing human resources is not in chance, but in choice, not in our stars, but in ourselves.”  Dr. Persis Cowen, 6th Chi State president, 1961.


“We shall continue to train members for roles in which they may truly advance …as women leaders, of the modern world.”  Grace Knoles, past Chi State president, Convention 1962.


Bea O’Brien in her 1967 Acceptance Speech when she became Chi State president, asked that “the leadership foster a real in-depth study in Chi State values—personal and professional—through the richest kind of programs we can provide—conferences, workshops, conventions.”


“Let me plant a seed of peace—in my heart—in my friend’s heart—in my community—in my country—in my world.”  Carol Carlson, 1994 Ceremony of Remembrance.


“…perhaps the most important advantage of being a member of Delta Kappa Gamma is the networking on every level which provides us with the fellowship, fun, and support of our peers in an informal atmosphere as we work together to bring EXCELLENCE to Education.”  Jackie Gustafson, 1997


“Bulbs…Delta Kappa Gamma, yes they have a lot in common.  For best results you should know which bulbs are suited to your taste and climate.  Members are selected, appointed, chosen, and asked to fill various roles in our Society using their unique talents.”  Heidi Chadwick, Convention 2008

At the 1962 Convention Grace Knoles, president 1959-1961, in her speech titled DEEPENING UNDERSTANDING said: women, here and throughout the world, still have much to do as women and for women.

Jane Hood, president 1948-50, at a Convention luncheon planted this seed by telling our members: I have come to believe that the road that is most productive but least apt to be pursued has to do with trying to understand oneself as a changing person. A second quote from Jane is “A familiar aspect of travel on this road to Professional Growth is PLANNING.”  

In 1997 Kay Newman, president 1993-95, spoke about LOVE at the Ceremony of Remembrance (now the Celebration of Life).   She ended her spoken words with the phrase: LONG MAY YOU LOVE!  

Margaret Fjerdingstad, Chi State President 1989-1991, said, “We are surrounded by special people who cause those special, special moments—they can—they do enrich our lives—collect, collect those moments.”