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Attracting and Supporting New Members

Below are ideas on ways your Chapter and members can encourage new membership in DKG California.  Share the gift of membership. 

Numbered in no particular order to allow for discussion.

  1. Before school begins in the fall provide a light breakfast at the new teacher orientation. Tell the new teachers about DKG. Provide small “survival bags” with a few teacher needs (and a note about DKG).  Explain the THAT (Teachers Helping Another Teacher) program and let them know that retired members are willing to come into the classroom to help out.
  2. Keep in touch with the local Student Teacher Coordinator and nominate a student teacher for the Area Student Teacher Award.
  3. Work with the BTSA Coordinator to let those teachers receiving help know about DKG.
  4. Encourage working members to invite non-member colleagues to meetings.
  5. Follow up on the Penne Ferrell Award recipients as potential members.
  6. All working members have a “sponsor/big sister.”  The sponsor’s job is to make monthly contact with the working member to support her mentally or physically.
  7. Some chapters give working members a check and a rose, presented in the classroom at the beginning of the school year.
  8. Call new members and encourage them to attend meetings.  Offer a ride to the meeting.
  9. At each meeting have a drawing of working and new members and give a prize to the working or new member in attendance.
  10. Have a new teacher/working teacher/new member panel at one meeting to let everyone know what is now going on in the classroom.
  11. Involve members in committees with another member as a partner.
  12. Provide child care.
  13. Compose a brief statement on how you would define “Who We Are” to a person asking about DKG (elevator speech.)
  14. Follow up on award winners as they begin to teach.
  15. Have folders at the beginning of the year for Chapter committees and activities and have each member sign up for one that interests her.
  16. Keep new members involved and feeling like they are contributing.