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Each One Reach One 
Tips for Using the Video

Here are some ideas for using this powerful video to grow your chapter!

  • Show the video at a chapter meeting and then work together to develop an action plan for growing your chapter.
  • Set a goal for each member to find one (or more) person to invite to a special meeting.
  • Plan an exciting, welcoming event where non-members would learn and experience the warmth and support that’s available.
  • Connect: Challenge each member to call or email a prospective member and set up a coffee date.  Face to face always works best.
  • Engage:  At the coffee date, engage the prospective member in conversation. Ask questions to learn about her needs and challenges.
  • Acknowledge: Listen carefully to her responses and share examples of ways that DKG can support her…as it has thousands of women.
  • Invite: Invite her to attend the special chapter meeting you’ve designed for your prospective members.
  • Hold your meeting and give each attendee a choice to attend another meeting or consider membership immediately.
  • Initiate all those who choose to join your Chapter at the very next meeting.  And then, keep in close contact, nurture that new Member and give her a task she can jump into immediately.  She will further increase membership by bringing in educators she knows.  Let’s set a domino effect into action.

Remember, you only have to reach one and truly value that person. Give her the opportunity to enjoy the richness of our organization.