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Collection of 261 speeches from State Leaders download this eBook and be inspired.
This collection of speeches is a result of the realization that valuable historical
information was not being collected and preserved as part of the archives. So a search
began to locate as many of our past speeches as possible. Each speech was then
retyped, universally formatted and bound so we might appreciate and learn from their
words. IN OUR OWN WORDS contains 608 pages, 241 speeches presented through
the year 2015. The earliest speech was Persis Cowan President’s Report given in
1951. The Education Center Management Committee Members are proud to preserve
this segment of the history of DKG California.

Quotes from Chi State Leaders
Margaret Fjerdingstad, Chi State President 1989-1991, said, “We are surrounded by special people who cause those special, special moments—they can—they do enrich our lives—collect, collect those moments.”   More Quotes
Ice Breakers for Chapter Meetings

Bingo: Getting to Know YOU
Above activity shared by Olithia O'Toole, Theta Psi, Area III

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