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Delta Epsilon, Area XII
Above is a picture of Delta Epsilon members from Area XII and the collection of paper products for our community project.

One of our community projects is Casa Youth Shelter.  Casa Youth Shelter is located in Los Alamitos which provides temporary shelter to runaway youths and youths in crisis.  The shelter's goal is to reunite the youth with their families.  As our chapter looked for an opportunity to influence children we learned Casa Youth Shelter that has influenced over 10,000 children. 

Since it is a temporary home for many, we realized that it could use items that we use in our own home uses.  It was the idea of paper products that seemed doable for our members.  We have donated a variety of paper products over the years.

Our chapter also was influential in obtaining a Life Foundation Grant for their library.  We are happy to be a part of helping youth at the Casa Youth Shelter.

Potential members contact:
Catherine Furman at  Vicki Stemm, Membership Chair