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DKG California 
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California State Organization

Communications Technology

Left to Right: Virginia, Toni, Marine

Marine Avagyan, Chair          

Chapter: Epsilon

Area: IX


My Roles:

Professional: Director of Curriculum and Instruction, District Coordinator State and Federal Programs, Principal, Assistant Principal, Teacher  


Chapter: President


Area: Communications


State: Area IX Director, Support Team for Emerging Professionals, Communications Technology

Antoinette Schlobohm

Chapter: Zeta Alpha

Area: IV


My Roles:


Professional: Middle School Science


Chapter: President, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Parliamentarian


State: Communications Marketing, Communications Technology   

Virginia Williamson                

Chapter: Alpha Omega

Area: III


My Roles:


Professional: District Coordinator, Charter & Private Schools, East Bay Induction Consortium; Elementary Teacher


Chapter: President, Treasurer


State: Area III Director, Membership, Communications Technology- Newsletter Editor

Communications Technology
  1. Include a chairman and the Editor of the California Connections, who have experience and skill in writing, preparing copy, editing, lay-out, and printing
  2. Follow guidelines and policies of the International Communications Committee
  3. Review all printed materials bearing the name of the Society as requested by the DKG California President
  4. Prepare guidelines, materials, and suggested projects for effective state, area and Chapter communication
  5. Serve in an advisory position to state committees in reviewing printed materials to be submitted for publication, such as:  handbooks, brochures, procedures, etc.
  6. Develop procedures for the publication of the state newsletter California Connections.
  7. Encourage communications with other constituents.