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Eighty per cent of California's water is used in agriculture, and 25 % of that is used to produce food that goes to waste.  

Some ideas to better conserve:  

1.  Use fresh food first.  

2.  Have a use-it-up shelf or box in the refrigerator  and choose a day to use the food in it-- "Fridge Friday".  

3. Learn about expiration dates at  

4.  Double check your shopping cart before checkout to avoid buying more than you can use during the time before your next shopping trip.

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Global Awareness Committee


It is comprised of World Fellowship to support recipients, Schools for Africa in conjunction with UNICEF, and Chi State Going Green ideas for programs and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.


The members of the committee are:

Sandy Bell (liaison for Areas X, XIV, XV, XVIII)

Judy Patel (liaison for Areas VII, VIII, IX, XI, XII, XIII)

Debbie Williams (Chair, liaison for Areas (I, II, III, IV, V, XVI, XVII)


They can be reached at: