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We have many published authors in Chi State and would like to highlight a group of them with their book titles. We honor these women as they exemplify “Excellence in Education”.   

Area I

Kathryn Corbett           Epsilon Pi                    

Co-author, The Catbirds Seat, 1998

Pat Reese Miller         Epsilon Zeta                

Co-author,  Art Really Teaches,  1982

Roth Velasquez           Epsilon Zeta                

Co-author,  Art Really Teaches

Ruth Ross York            Zeta Iota                      

Far Our for Young Futurists, 1982

Milly Lee                     Eta Upsilon                  

Nim and the War EffortEarthquake; Landed

Lorna Drake                 Eta Upsilon                  

Children’s History of Sonoma County

Area II

Barbara Ward             Gamma Nu                  

So You Want to Teach, Eh, 2002

Linda Wallace             Gamma Nu                  

Stories of Pure Love: to awaken memories of people who have loved you; Grandma Magic; Why Grizzly Bears Walk on all Fours, 2013

Area III

*Grace Knowles          Alpha Omega


Alpha Quincy               Beta Nu                       

We Lived American History 1600 to 2002, 2007


Christine Nandi           Delta Gamma              

The ABC’s of Raising a Successful Student, 2009

Shirley Clem                Delta Zeta                   

Kindergarten Guide for Parents

Donna  Kadel               Zeta Beta

Gail Faber                    Zeta Zeta    

Co-author, Whispers from the First Californians,  1984; Co-author, Whispers Along the Mission Trail, 1985; Pasquala the Story of a California Indian Girl, 1990; Co-author, Teacher Resource Guide for Pasquala the story of a California Indian Girl; Co-author, Clara Rounds Cape Horn, 1992; Co-author, Clara Rides the Rancho, 1994

Michelle Lasagna        Zeta Zeta                     

Co-author, Whispers from the First Californian, 1994; Co-author, Whispers Along the Mission Trail, 1985; Co-author, Pasquala the Story of a California Indian Girl, 1990; Co-author, Clara Rounds Cape Horn, 1992


Area IV

Audry Lynch                 Gamma Omega           

Steinbeck Remembered, 2000; Co-author, The Rebel Figure in American literature and Film: Interconnected Lives of John Steinbeck Scholar,  2009; Co-author, The Development of Roy Simonds as a Steinbeck  Scholar as evidenced through its Letters: The Life and Achievement of an Independent Academic,  2010

Lea Frey                       Gamma Omega           

Shadow Angles; Dear Voices, 2004

*Dorothy Goble           Gamma Omega

Edwina Stoll                Zeta Psi                       

Communications Skills for Collaborative Learning, 2009

Barbara Bode Snyder  Zeta Psi                       

Thomas the Apostle

*Maxine McGinnis      Zeta Omega

Area V

Cindy Miller                 Gamma Alpha             

A Children’s Discovery Book About Morgan Hill, 2010

Susan Raycraft           Iota Tau                       

Co-author, Images of America-San Antonio Valley

Ann Beckett                 Iota Tau                       

Co-author, Images of America-San Antonio Valley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Cindy Messer              Theta                           

The Adventures of Jack and Rugby: (4 Books): Our Best Friends, The Big Trip, The Sleepover,  and The Birthday Ball, 2011

Evelyn Bolante            Theta Omicron            

Light Touch of “Feng Shui”

Mary Marchi                Delta Lambda              

The Web In The Halo, 2012; The Golden Pumpkin Crown, 2012

Kathleen  Morgan       Delta Lambda              

Authored and illustrated:Simple Games for Practicing Skills (PreK-1), 1989; Math Readiness Activities (PreK-1), 1989 

Co-authored and illustrated: Animal Puppets, 1988; Making Big Books with Children, 1990; Seasonal Bulletin Boards, 1988; Fun with the Alphabet, 1987

Camille Liscinsky        Delta Lambda              

Grandparents and Grandchildren: The Delights of Being a Grandparent, 2006; Mommy’s Having a Baby, 2005; How to do Plays from Favorite Tales; Phonics Intervention Centers; Leveled Readers’ Theater; Daily Reading Comprehension grades 1, 3, and parts of 4; Daily reading comprehension Box Centers grade 3; Nonfiction Writing grade 2; Retelling Tales with Headbands; A Word a Day grade 1;  Word Family Stories and Activities


Area VI

Elizabeth Irwin            Delta Xi                       

It’s Taco Time; No Ordinary Jacket;  All Kinds of Music;  Let’s Go Camping; Paco at the Park; Saturday Morning Breakfast


Kay Moore                   Epsilon Chi                  

If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution, 1998; If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War, 1994; The Little Brown-Haired Girl and the Bad Bug Bite;The Little Brown-Haired Girl and the Sand Box; Co-author,The Little Brown-Haired Girl and the Secret-Tree Club; Co-author, Twas the Night before Christmas in the Mines

Linda Wells                 Epsilon Chi                  

Co-author, Twas the Night before Christmas in the Mines

Sandi Redenbach        Iota Gamma                

Self Esteem and Emotional Intelligence: The Necessary Ingredients for Success; Autobiography of a Drop Out: Dear Diary

Vicki Hartwig               Iota Gamma   

Science Flannel Board Stories: for Primary Grades

*Shelia Edwards          Zeta Kappa

*Lois Edwards             Zeta Kappa

Area IX

Davida Shipkowitz       Xi                                 

The ABC’s of ABCWARE, 2002

Maureen Clemmons    Xi                                 

Soaring Stones, 2011

Franca Koeller             Eta Rho                        

Wellness-An Action Based Project

Area X

Jackie Malone             Beta Delta                   

The Shahan Experience: Oklahoma to California,1976; Contributor and co-editor:  Piplines to the Past: An Oral History of Olinda, 1979

Sandy Parsons             Beta Delta                   

Differential Diagnosis and Differentiated Instruction for Students with Autism and for those with Traumatic Brain Injury

Judith Vernoy              Zeta Pi                         

Co-authored, Psychology in Action; Co-authored, Behavioral Statistics in Action

Area XI

Rhonda Byer                Gamma Iota                

Maria Osband             Gamma Iota                

Vision for Conservative Early Childhood Programs: A Journey Guide, 2009

Area XII

Griselda Suarez           Beta Iota                     

Concrete River Boulevard, 2009

Ann Marie Sandoval    Beta Iota                     

Toward  A Latino Feminism Of The Americas, 2008

Pat Parish                    Eta                               

13 Days of Sunshine


Rhoda Coleman           Alpha Upsilon              

Improving Academic Achievement for English Learners, A Guide To Research, 2010

Gina Capaldi               Beta Mu               

A Boy Named BeckoningRed Bird Sings - The Story of Zikala Sa

Ethel Watt Smith         Epsilon                                    

Life’s What You Make It, 2011

Kathryn Breidenthal    Epsilon                                    

Before and After: A Book of Poems in Two Volumes, 2000

Jeenie Gordon             Zeta Sigma                  

If My Parents Are Getting Divorced, Why Am I The One Who Hurts?, 1993; Too Soon To Say Goodbye: Healing and Hope For Victims And Survivors Of Suicide, 1993; Turbulent Teens of Panicking Parents, 2000; Those Turbulent Teen Years: Hope for Parents, 2000; There’s Hope after Divorce, 1997; Cementing the Torn Strands: Rebuilding Your Life after Divorce, 1991;Co-authored, Wounded By Words: Healing The Invisible Scars Of Emotional Abuse

Area XIV

Ann Farmer                  Delta Tau                    Jessamyn West, 1982

Judy Michel                 Epsilon Lambda           

Contributing author, Connecting Math and Science; Contributing author, Hands on Science for Your 

K-3 Classroom

Tracy Doverspike        Epsilon Mu                  

Five A Word, 2004 Ebooks; Give A Sentence, 2004 Ebooks; Math Fact Fun, 2006 Ebooks

Sherry Herrera             Epsilon Mu                  

Celebrating John H. Nuffer School, 2011

Susan Kilpatrick           Gamma Epsilon           

Developing Young Authors (K-1), 2001; Developing Young Authors (2-3), 2001; A Literature Unit For (The Polar Express), 1995; A Literature Unit For (Molly’s Pilgrim, 1995; A Literature Unit For (Where the Wild Things Are), 1994; Co-author,  A Literature Unit For (Strega Nona), 1993; Co-author, A Literature Unit For (Charlotte’s Web), 1993

Patsy Carey                 Gamma Epsilon           

Co-author, A Literature Unit For (Strega Nona), 1993; Co-author, A Literature Unit For (Charlotte’s Web), 1993

Barbara Frazee            Gamma Epsilon           

Painless Police Report Writing: An English Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals, 1992

Area XV

Evelyn Blocker             Iota Xi                          

Life Is Basically Tragic – But Not Mine; The Wind Blows to the South; Angel and Stories from the Heart

Area XVI

Ann Reed                     Beta Gamma               

Believe In Love, 2010

Betty Goetz-Duncan    Eta Theta                     

The Veil of Dreams & Reality, 2006; Ollie the Octopus, 2006; Squiggle the Wiggle Worm, 2011

Marilyn Dye                 Gamma Omicron         

Study Guide for the Revised Rica, 2009

Blanca Margetts         Gamma Omicron         

Animated Alphabet, 1990


Tricia Gardella                        Iota Epsilon                 

Just Like My Dad, 1993; Casey’s New Hat, 1997

Celeste Boyd               Iota Epsilon                 

WWII Veteran Stories


Beryl Andrews             Gamma Theta             

Co-author, Apricot Memories, 2001

Linda Allison               Gamma Theta             

Co-author, Apricot Memories, 2001

Betty Kikumi Meltzer   Eta Epsilon                  

Co-author, Glimpses Of History; Co-author, Losing Ground

Linda Vieira                 Eta Epsilon                 

The Ever Living Tree; Grand Canyon; The Seven Seas; The Mighty Mississippi


March 2013

Nancy Summy,  Iota Sigma, Area II