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Bill Evaluator

Role of the Bill Evaluator

A bill evaluator is a Chi State Delta Kappa Gamma member with an in-depth knowledge of a particular program area, who reviews legislative bills and makes recommendations to the Legislative Coordinator, the Educational Law/Policy Committee Chairman and the Legislative Consultant/Advocate. The Legislative Coordinator appoints the evaluator with the advice and recommendation of the Educational Law/Policy Committee Chairman.

Each bill will be reviewed by at least three evaluators. Chi State positions are determined by the unanimous recommendations of three evaluators with concurrence of the Legislative Coordinator and the Educational Law/Policy Committee Chairman.

The Consultant/Advocate screens bills as they are introduced in the Legislature, selecting the ones of concern to Chi State. Copies of those bills are sent to the Legislative Coordinator and the appropriate evaluators. The evaluator may recommend that the Consultant/Advocate work for certain amendments that would make it possible for Chi State to support a bill. If a bill is subsequently amended, the evaluators may be asked to review those changes, analyzing how the amendments relate to Chi State positions. Evaluators may also be asked to analyze the state ballot propositions that fall within the Chi State Legislative Platform.