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In the fall we announced the theme (One, Two, Three, We're as Ready as Can Be) of our tree at a chapter meeting. In November, we came together with all the donated school supplies and pencil pouches (which all members helped purchase)  in which to put the school supplies.  We put bows in the pencil pouch holes and the top of items too large to fit in a pouch. Basically we "blinged" them up.  Then we set up and decorated our lighted tree at the San Joaquin Historical Museum for display at The Festival of Trees. After taking it down after the holiday season,  the pencil pouches and other school supplies were donated to our local school for homeless children.  Every year we select a different theme, but whatever we choose, we make sure it's decorated with items that can be donated to those in need.  One year, it was decorated with books, another year used gloves, scarves, and mittens. We're already thinking ahead to this year and a new theme :-)