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Area XVIII Director


Louise Zaki

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Chapter: Eta Epsilon           Area:   XVIII    


Professionally, I have taught Home Economics Careers & Technology at Beaumont High School for 35 years.  Prior to that, I taught for three years at the University of Cairo, Egypt.  I have written grants for federal career technical funds as well as for a California Partnership AcademyAt the Chapter level,  I have served as1st and 2nd Vice President, Parliamentarian, 5 terms as Treasurer and two terms as President.   I have served as Treasurer for Areas XV and XVIII for a total of 5 terms.  My Chi State involvement includes serving on the Scholarship Committee for one term. 

County: Riverside (Central and Eastern)

Chapter                             City 

GAMMA  THETA              HemetSan Jacinto

DELTA  MU                    Indio

ETA  EPSILON                  Beaumont, Banning

THETA   EPSILON          Coachella Valley

THETA   ZETA                 Palm Springs